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    A Warm Welcome to Moorgate Community Primary School

    At Moorgate School we aim to achieve and maintain high standards of behaviour, working together to promote an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and understanding where all are valued and included. We promote a spiritual, ethical, moral, cultural, intellectual and social development of our pupils, ensuring well-being and celebrating diversity.

    Pupils are supported and nurtured to develop self-worth and a caring attitude, enabling them to value and share responsibility for themselves, their families, relationships, society and the environment.

    We achieve and maintain an inclusive climate of equal opportunity, developing individuals to their full potential and safeguarding the entitlement of all pupils to a high quality of education.

    We involve and value children’s contributions in the decision-making process that impacts upon their learning and their environment.
    Children are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and positive character attitudes which will allow them to develop a joy in life and learning, confidence in themselves and the British Values of resilience, tolerance and respect for others and an understanding of the diversity of modern society and the wider world.

    We provide a safe, secure, enabling and stimulating environment where children can develop and celebrate their abilities, interests and talents to the highest possible standard they can achieve.

    Best Wishes

    Debbie Hopwood



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