Primary School PE and Sport Funding 2021-2022

Moorgate Primary School understands and values the importance of physical activity and sport. The children are encouraged to undertake a range of sports and activities both within the Physical Education (PE) curriculum, at play times and in extracurricular activities. The Departments for Education, Health and Culture and Media and Sport have allocated ring-fenced funding to support the provision of PE and sport in schools.


In the academic year 2021/22, the school has been allocated £18150. We are, in turn, allocating it in the following way:

  • Professional Development of staff to ensure high quality PE curriculum teaching.
  • Opportunities for children to experience inter and intra-school competitions
  • Providing extra-curricular activities in a broader range of sports, gymnastics and dance, encouraging all children to be involved.
  • Purchasing further games resources to encourage children to be active through developing different sports.
  • Employment of local coaches to work alongside staff and children, providing opportunities for children to have high quality coaching and staff to receive professional development.
  • Providing holistic therapy for pupils.
  • Providing extra coaching sessions to encourage active play
  • Providing sessions for pupils to learn relaxation techniques (Relax Kids)


Over the past year we have used the funding in the following manner:

  1. a full breakdown of how you’ve spent the funding or will spend the funding

2 Sports coaches are employed for 2 ½ days per week.


  1. the effect of the premium on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment


Pupils are participating in out of school clubs. All clubs were over-subscribed.

Pupils are participating in inter-school competitions.

However, due to Covid-19, it has been impossible to compare year on year figures.


  1. how you’ll make sure these improvements are sustainable


Funding has been used to support Mental Health and Well-Being in the form of extra sessions for a sports coach, Relax Kids and the Holistic practitioner.

Funding has also been used to buy ‘Commando Joe’-An activity based programme designed to enhance the whole curriculum.

  1. how many pupils within their year 6 cohort can do each of the following:
    • swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres 2020-21 66% achieved this
    • use a range of strokes effectively 2020-21 66% achieved this
    • perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations 2020-21 66% achieved this


Due to Covid-19, no swimming took place in 19-20.


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