29 January 2021

Wow! another amazing week in Year 6. We have been learning all about angles in triangles and quadrilaterals. We learnt lots of facts like: angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees (which is the same for angles on a straight line) and angles in quadrilaterals add up to 360 degrees (which is the same for angles around  point. We learnt how to find missing angles using these known facts to help us. 


In English we looked at lots of figurative language to create a trigger to a flashback and then the flashback. 

In History we did lots of research on WW2 and we used historical sources to decide if we were actually winning the war or not. We used our inference and research skills to organise facts into what helped us and what didn't help us win the war. 

In computing we have been practising our coding skills. Some of us reached level 40! 

In art we entered a competition to design a poster that shows our support for the NHS. 

We have had a very busy week, both in class and at home. Well done to year 6 again for being... AWESOME!!


Year 6 blog 29.1.21

Posted by Emma Anwar on 29 January 2021

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