11 February 2021

This week, we did an experiment to show how our digestive system works…

We got a clear plastic bag to represent the stomach. It is able to churn the food, mixing it with acid so that it can be broken down into even smaller pieces.

The food is then poured into the tights, this represents the small intestine inside the body. This is where the nutrients from the food we have eaten is absorbed.

The small intestine is well adapted for digestion: it has thin walls, making it easy for food molecules to pass through into the blood stream.

The last stage of digestion involves the large intestine that absorbs water and any remaining nutrients from the small intestine. Once this has been done the waste products are then excreted from the body as faeces through the anus.


Uggghhhh! Some of us didn’t fancy our dinners after this lesson!

Category: Class of 2023

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