5 March 2021

We've been very busy this week in year 1. It has been book week and world maths day!

To celebrate worlds maths day we took part in 'Maths at the Movies". Our film in year 1 was Charlie and the chocolate factory. We completed a variety of maths activities which were linked to our film . The children designed their own golden ticket by using a ruler and making their ticket measure 15cm by 8cm. The children solved tricky word problems by adding up the different chocolates and sweets that were for sale in the chocolate factory. They also created arrays with marsh marshmallows and chocolate raisins to help them solve the multiplication questions.

Our favourite day was Thursday because we got to come into school wearing pyjamas to celebrate world book day. We had hot chocolate and snuggled up with a book!

Posted by Alex Lees on 5 March 2021

Category: Year 2025-2026

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