5 March 2021

This week year 3 have been busy bees! We have all been looking at the book The Lost words as part of book week, where we went on an animal hunt and found clues and did work grouping 'lost' words. We have been taking part in the weeks quizzes, from Kahoot to Staff shelfies and masked readers. Alongside the book cover and book review competitions! We also did fraction jars for the BFG for Maths at the movies and even got to watch the film. Lucky us! 

Our Amazing Austin has been a star continuing to raise money for in his words, poorly children! What an inspiration! He has been doing raffles and plans to do a run in June. If you would like to help support Austin and his charity check out his page: 'Austin's Challenge page' 


Posted by Charlotte Bower on 5 March 2021

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