26 March 2021

What an amazing week we have had! 

We have been looking at figurative language in English and using a range of features to create a story full of tensions, suspense and intrigue. I think we may have scared our teachers with some of our writing! 

In Maths we have been learning all about algebra.. we didn't enjoy it at first and we were a little but confused about using letters instead of numbers but by the end of the week we were loving it! We are now really good at identify solutions to equations with unknowns. 

In science we have been reflecting on all the learning that we have done on Electricity. We made double page spreads all about the knowledge and skills we have learnt about science, electricity and working scientifically. 

In Art and DT we have designed our own fridge magnets, which we had 3D printed, and then we painted them using acrylics paints and colour mixing techniques. We have been so proud of our achievements this week as we have learnt so much and made so much progress in our learning journeys. 




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