23 April 2021

What an amazing week in Year 6. It was wonderful to see everyone after the Easter break. We have jumped straight back into work, work, work! In maths we have been learning all about constructing shapes. In RE we have been learning all about different religions in our region. In French we have learnt how to discuss clothes and describe what we are wearing, we have had some giggles with our french accents. We have been using a programming software called scratch - we have brought characters to life too. We also had an amazing Victorian school day. Mrs Banks showed us so much about what life was like for school children during that time. We were given new names, used slate boards, looked at old coins, used ink wells and pens to practice our hand writing. Some of us even had to stand in a corner for not listening just like they did in the Victorian era. 


In English we have been focusing on a book called Birthday Bunny. This is the back story to Birthday Bunny: 


When Alex is given a silly, sappy picture book called Birthday Bunny, he picks up a pencil and turns it into something he'd actually like to read: Battle Bunny. An adorable rabbit's journey through the forest becomes a secret mission to unleash an evil plan – a plan that only Alex can stop. 


Because Alex created a whole new story from a book that wasn't much fun, we decided that we would do the same. We began by generating ideas for our own characters (We had vampires, ninjas, warriors, soldiers, werewolves, monsters) before using a software programme to bring our characters to life. 

We have had an amazing week full of incredible learning and we can't wait for more. 

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