The three little Pigs with Nursery C

The children are settling in well on their first term in Nursery C.

Everyone has been very busy building up their knowledge and reading and sharing the story of 'The three little pigs'

daily the children are exploring and investigating their learning environment. A super…

Posted by /blog/author/dclare on 15 October 2021


Magic Maths!

Lots of action packed fun with numbers today in Nursery C. Investigating and problem solving, what is ten.

All the children made a counting stick to take home.

We started our morning sorting the fruit out, as it was all mixed up. 

In our outdoor area, we put our wellies into pairs,…

Posted by /blog/author/dclare on 7 May 2021


Nursery C: At One With Nature!

Nursery C have been planting daffodil bulbs as part of our "growing" project. The children have been successful with the daffodil bulbs...they are growing very nicley. 

The children also planted some primrose flowers, into small plant pots, to put into the new garden area.

Nursery C have…

Posted by /blog/author/dclare on 22 April 2021


Zoom To The Moon!

Nursery C have finally completed their space adventure this week!

All the children have been learning space rhymes, their favoutire being The long shiny rocket.

Exploring and investigating magnets in science and mathematical development by counting in reverse to blast off.

What an…

Posted by /blog/author/dclare on 19 March 2021


Design and Discovery

A very busy week in Nursery C, understanding new words and discovering how to use them. Discussing together their favourite place 'The Park' using the words 'Many' and 'Few'.

The children are taking advantage of the fresh snow fall. We then spoke in our circle time about weather changes and…

Posted by /blog/author/dclare on 5 February 2021

Category: Nursery C 2021


How Big is a Million?

This week in Nursery C.

The children have been discovering and investigating snow.   The children are learning new vocabulary ’Freezing’  ‘thermometer’   when we shared together the book ‘How Big is a Million?’ by Anna Milbourne.   

Through multi-sensory activities and science investigations…

Posted by /blog/author/dclare on 28 January 2021

Category: Nursery C 2021


Nursery C Supertato

This week in Nursery C we have explored the story of the Supertato Veggies in the valley of Doom by Su Hendre. 

We have had a go at using one handed tools to cut and chop vegetables to make a Supertato soup! We talked about the different names of the vegetables and where they come from. We…

Posted by /blog/author/dclare on 21 January 2021

Category: Nursery C 2021


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