Competition winners!

An update on our competition winners!

We researched Easter traditions around the world then we designed our own Easter eggs. The lucky winners won some Easter chocolate. Yum! 

We also had a reading competition from World Book Day. They designed their own book cover and created a book mood…

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Great to be back!

Such a busy week in Year 4B!

Maths: Ordering and rounding decimals

English: Beginning our work on King of the Cloud Forest by Michael Morpurgo

RE: Studying the Jewish Passover festival

PE: Focusing on rounders’ skills

Geography: Looking at the layers of the earth and volcanoes


What was life like in the Victorian times?

Year 2 had a lovely time this week learning about what life was like in the Victorian times. We found out so much about what it would have been like. Chamber pots, outside toilets and clothes washing were some of the things we learnt about. 


Nursery C: At One With Nature!

Nursery C have been planting daffodil bulbs as part of our "growing" project. The children have been successful with the daffodil bulbs...they are growing very nicley. 

The children also planted some primrose flowers, into small plant pots, to put into the new garden area.

Nursery C have…


A day in the life of a Victorian!

In history we are learning all about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. In year 1 we have had a very special visitor in to show us lots of different artefacts from the Victorian times. We got to experience what life would of been like living in a Victorian home. 


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Egyptian Easter Extravaganza!

A great week in year 3! 

We have completed our Ancient Egypt information leaflets, come and have a read! 

We talked about the colours in French and did our own Easter egg design for a competition! 

Well done to Rosie and Bobby our winners! 

Also a well done to Austin for being given a…


Happy Easter in Nursery

In Nursery N we have been celebrating Easter. 

The children had a go at lots of Easter activities such as, having a go at decorating the Easter tree with number eggs, reading Easter stories and matching Easter eggs. 

The Easter bunny came to visit the nursery and sprinkled chocolate eggs…

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Weekly round up from Year 4G

In PE, we have been working really hard to improve our blocking skills, agility to dodge and aim with accuracy when playing dodge ball. Whilst perfecting our dance routines with Naomi. 

In English, we have been watching a short animation film  'Once in a Life Time' which is set in a fantasy…


The Day War Came

This week in Class 4B, we have been studying The Day War Came by Nicola Davies. At the end of the sessions, we produced our own highly emotional 'War Poems'. We are going to create our own chair in D.T. (which is an important symbol in the book), but first we are looking at different structures…


Year 6 and their amazing 21st Century learning.

What an amazing week we have had! 

We have been looking at figurative language in English and using a range of features to create a story full of tensions, suspense and intrigue. I think we may have scared our teachers with some of our writing! 

In Maths we have been learning all about…


Bamboo Tamboo

In year 2 we have playing a new instrument called 'Bamboo Tamboo'. The children have only had 2 lessons so far, but already they sound amazing!



WARNING - There's a Pirate on the run!!


In English this week year 1 have had lots of fun creating wanted posters using adjectives to describe Captain Black Beard. In maths we have been learning to share by dividing and in PE we have been practising our dribbling, shooting and passing…

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