Moorgate is launching this year’s new reading award scheme for children in Reception – Year 6. The challenge will be run on a termly basis. There are 3 stages in the scheme: Bronze, Silver and Gold. To complete each stage the children will be asked to read a certain number of times at home.

When a child reads at home with an adult, the adult will then sign the child’s reading record to say that they have read. This will be checked and monitored by the child’s class teacher.

When a child has completed a stage they will receive a certificate in assembly (termly) to celebrate their achievements.

The number of reads required to achieve each stage is outlined below:

Stage Number of signatures in diary
Bronze 10
Silver 30
Gold 50

At the end of each term the children’s names will also be entered into a raffle depending upon which stage they have most recently completed. The raffle prizes will be as follows:

Stage completed Raffle Prize
Bronze £5 book voucher
Silver £10 book voucher
Gold £15 book voucher

Children will also be accompanied by a member of staff on a special trip out to the book store to claim their prizes.

At the end of the school year there will also be a special mystery prize awarded to the child with the most signatures in their diary across the whole school year.

If you would like any further information regarding the reading award scheme, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. S Ellis the English Co-ordinator.

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