Classroom News – Year 3

Written by School Admin on December 5, 2018

This term in Year 3 our topic has been ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. At the start of the term we were contacted by a friendly Dragon, asking us to go on a hunt for her lost egg. Luckily, we found the egg safe and sound in the garden and looked after it until it hatched and went back home to find its mum. We have been using our ICT skills to keep in contact with the Dragon by sending emails asking her to update us on how the Baby Dragon is.

In our history lessons we have been looking at what life was like in Ancient Greece, and comparing it to the modern day. Hoplite soldiers were our favourite part to learn about and we have designed our own Year 3 Hoplite army using materials to recreate the armour and weapons that the Greek army would use.

We have also been working hard writing our own Greek myths. We found magical keys in our classroom which worked perfectly as the mysterious objects in our myths. Our star writer for this term has been Seaton MacDougall.