Classroom News – Year 4

Written by School Admin on March 1, 2019

In year 4 we have started our ‘Commando Joe’ activities, where we are completing Bear Gryll’s Missions. The first was ‘you are what you eat’. Children had to retrieve as much food as possible from a nearby food drop point and take it back to base without falling into the crocodile infested waters! Teamwork and patience were key skills involved in order for survival!

We have also started our Extreme Earth topic where we will be learning about volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Our missions will continue with this theme and we will be thinking about how the elements affect us and our daily activities.

Our linking project with Prestolee Primary School is also continuing. In class we have written ‘I am’ poems for each other which we have shared. This was a good way to try and get to know our link class at Prestolee. We enjoyed our first meeting with them when we visited Bolton College in December where we took part in a number of practical activities together. We enjoyed meeting new friends and in a few weeks we are going to their school to meet them again.