Classroom News – Year 6

Written by School Admin on June 26, 2019

Cobey sorting exercise books

Each year our Year 6 class are given the opportunity to trade places with members of staff for the day. From Mrs Hopwood to Mr Thistlethwaite, each role within our school is taken on by our ambitious and enthusiastic pupils. ‘Take Over Day’ is much more than one day though. Each child has spent time planning lessons, arranging timetables, interviewing staff regarding their role and deciding what counts as a ‘professional outfit’.

Lily and Harvey took on the roles of Mrs Hopwood and Mr Mansfield, leading the school and even taking a whole school assembly. Cobey and Marcus, who were taking on the roles of Mr Thistlethwaite and Mrs Lewis found that when all next years exercise books arrive it is really hard work!

Here are some quotes from the children on the day:-
‘It was good, although the Reception class did want to see me stung by a jelly fish’
‘I don’t know how you do it Miss! I spent a whole week planning just one lesson!’

Mason helping in Mini Moorgate