This page should be able to answer any questions you have regarding your child attending this school. If you feel that this page hasn’t given you the answers that you need, please feel free to contact us at school and we will do our best to help you.

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Moorgate Primary School is a single-storey building, which allows easy access for wheelchairs through the main entrance. The cloakrooms and internal doors are wide enough for wheelchairs to pass through. Within the school there is a purpose built toilet/bathroom for the disabled and a toilet frame in Nursery.

If you arrive at school in a taxi, please do not allow the driver to come onto school premises.

Your child will have a book bag. In it should be a reading book and reading record, 10p for snack, any homework they’ve done and any letters or permission slips you need to send in. On a Mondays children will need their dinner money clearly labeled in an envelope. They’ll also need their PE kit and a coat. All should be labelled clearly with their name.

Please make sure that you label all your child’s belongings clearly so that if they do lose it and it is found, it can easily be returned to them. If something is lost it may be in the classroom or in the Lost Property Box. Let your child’s class teacher know and we’ll keep our eyes open.

Thank you for trusting us and leaving your child in our care. If your child has been upset then we know that it can sometimes be hard to leave them. If you are worried, please ring school and someone will let you know how they are. In most cases the class teacher will ring you and give you an update. Please be assured that in almost every case your child will be happy and enjoying their busy day of learning.

Children in Reception, KS1 and Years 3 & 4 are brought to the classroom door at the end of the school day and will not be allowed to leave their teacher until they can see you. If someone different is picking your child up, please let us know at the beginning of the school day. If plans change during the day just ring the school office and leave a message with Mrs Allen or Mrs Ramsden.

Don’t worry if you are unfortunately running late, just get to school when you can. At 8.55am teachers will close their classroom doors so after this time we ask you to come into school via the school office. This allows us to mark your child in on the register.

Don’t worry as we wouldn’t let an EYFS, KS1, Year 3 or Year 4 child leave school alone and at Years 5 and 6 we ask children whose parent isn’t where they expect them to be to come back into school and we’ll look after them. If you are able to, please ring school and let us know. Your child will then either wait in the entrance hall with Mrs Allen or with Mrs Brown in our after school club.

If you have any worries then please do let us know. Usually the first person to approach with your concerns would be your child’s teacher or one of the other adults who work with the class. The best time to do this is at the end of the school day but in an emergency you can pass on a quick message at the door in the morning or organise a meeting after school with your child's teacher. If you feel that you need a longer chat at the beginning of the school day and it can’t wait, do pop to the school reception and ask to see Mrs. Hopwood. She will decide how best we can help you.

For worms you need medication available from the chemist. It does the trick quickly and painlessly. Encouraging your child to wash their hands after they’ve been to the toilet and before they eat food will help to ensure they stay ‘worm free’!

If your child has head lice or nits you can either use a lotion available from the chemist or put a good amount of conditioner on your child’s hair and comb through with a special fine toothed comb. You’ll need to keep doing this until all the lice have gone. Nits are the eggs of the louse and look like round blobs close to the scalp. The lice are the live insects. If you find head lice or nits you need to treat everyone who has close contact with your child. If you don’t, the likelihood is that your child will keep being re-infected.

In the case of serious infestation, the school will ring you to ask for treatment to be carried out immediately at home.

If your child is too ill to come to school, please telephone the school office to let us know before 9.30am. If you are unable to contact us or we don’t hear from you on the first day your child is absent then we will ring to check all is well at some point during the day.

Sometimes your child may have been unwell and need to finish a course of treatment. If this is the case and your child is prescribed medicine for 4 times or more a day you should label the medicine with the child's name and the dose required and complete the ‘Permission to give medicines’ form. Your child's teacher will be able to provide you with a form to sign. Then bring both to school and give them to class teacher. Without the completed form we cannot give any medicines.

Yes. During lunchtimes children will usually have a friend to sit with. We encourage all our children to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. Ideas of what to put in your child’s lunch box each week can be found here. If we notice that your child is not enjoying lunchtime or perhaps not eating then our lunchtime staff will discuss this with your child's teacher and we will let you know.

We ask that you refrain from sending your child to school wearing any jewellery, other than a watch once your child is old enough to tell the time. This is because it can be a Health and Safety issue in PE lessons and during play time and we would hate for anything valuable to get lost. If your child’s ears are pierced, they may wear studs but for their safety these will need to have a plaster or surgical tape placed over them during PE lessons.

We encourage parents to always send their child to school with a coat incase of a change in the weather. If the rain stops the children need to run round and play outside. If it is a particularly warm day the children will be allowed to wear just their jumper to play out in.

At the beginning of the school year your child’s class teacher will send a leaflet home giving information about homework nights, PE lessons and themes that will be covered during the term. It will also include the class timetable Please make sure your child’s PE kit is in school on the right days. If you aren't sure of the correct days then please check your class parent board or ask your child's class teacher.

Don't worry. If you discover your child has nits of worms then we ask that you please let us know then we can put a note on the newsletter to ask parents to be alert. For worms you need medication available from the chemist. We encourage and teach our children to wash their hands properly after they’ve been to the toilet and before they eat food. This should help to keep them worm free. If your child has head lice or nits then there are lotions available from the chemist and we recommend that you comb your child's hair through with a special fine toothed comb. Please keep doing this until all the lice have gone. Nits look like round blobs near the scalp and they are the egg of the head louse. We ask that if your child has long hair that you keep it tied up to prevent head lice from spreading easily.

Put the money and the permission slip in an envelope clearly labelled with your child’s name and class on it. Either hand it into your child’s class teacher or the office. If you don't have an envelope then the school can provide you with one.

We appreciate all offers of help at Moorgate. If you’ve got extra time and would like to help on a regular or more part-time basis, please do let Mrs Hopwood or Mr Mansfield know and we’ll talk with you about the sort of help you’d like to offer.

Amendmends to school attendance legislation (September 2013) make it clear that Head Teachers are not able to authorise leave of absence requests during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. IMPORTANT– Holiday requests CANNOT be authorised under any circumstances whatsoever. For more details please look under 'Parent Information'.

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